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Petko Rachev Slaveykov Primary School is situated in the village of Tserova koria, 15 km from the town of Veliko Tarnovo. The school is heir to 225 years of tradition in which the struggle for education is tantamount to fight to preserve the Bulgarian identity. It is a municipality-governed school with a day form of tuition. Given its contribution to the vigorous spirit of nation building and today it continues its course as a municipal, central school district to educate children from Tserova Koria, Pchelishte, Mindya and Kapinovo. School building is modern and contemporary basis. It includes school bus garage, dining room, gym, central heating, two computer labs. In 1969 on all-village meeting Department of Education announces the school leader and offered to bear the name" Petko Rachov Slaveykov. Today the school bears this name.

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Village of Tserova koria

Tserova Koria village is located in the center of the valley lying between Veliko Turnovo and ridges of the Central Stara Planina. North of it stands a high hill-COUNTRY that leads to Dragizhevo, Lyaskovets and Danube Valley. South of it is rampant plane with grooved valleys, and behind them the towering peaks of the mountain, This geographical location of the village determines its historical importance from ancient times. It is one of the oldest settlements in the valley. Much of the population settled in the ancient Tserova forest and build a new settlement. From this, the village bears the name-Tserova Koria.